Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the configuration work, who does it?

Our Voith service engineers configure the edge device and signals based on our standards and customer requirements. We have a tool in which they can map all signals, set limits, enter meta data (e.g. plant name and location) and create our standard Virtual Signals with the signals coming from the automation system. Changes can be made anytime. The standard package requires the customer to configure the automation system so Hydro Pocket can be supplied with data.

What are the technical requirements (e.g. communication protocols, internet)?

  • The standard package considers one of the following protocols: Siemens S7, Modbus, Profinet, OPC UA, OPC DA. For further protocols a converter might be necessary.
  • A reliable internet connection at the plant is required (Upload-Rate > 100 kbps).
  • It may be necessary to add exceptions outward the customer’s firewall.
  • Reliable power supply (24VDC ca.50 W)

Cloud: What about data security?

Voith Hydro takes the security of Hydro Pocket very seriously. The application was built in layers to achieve a defense-in-depth approach. A secure development process is used throughout the plant, including all development steps, which are documented and verified on a regular basis. The power plant hardware we deliver was developed using a certified Secure Development process in accordance with the security standard IEC62443-4-1. Voith has developed a secure system architecture, including products such as Hydro Pocket, based on a Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment in accordance with IEC 62443.
Voith Hydro can perform a Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment for the individual site configuration to evaluate the optimal and sufficiently secure integration of Hydro Pocket into an existing plant for existing system architectures of a Hydro Electric Power Plant control system. Checks are performed on a regular basis by Voith and third-party companies in various parts of the system to assess and mitigate risks. Voith is responsible for the continuous and rapid delivery of new security updates so that the customer does not have to worry about security. Furthermore, data is only sent to the cloud one way by protocol, so there is no way to access PLCs and SCADAs via edge devices.

Can signals be analyzed in Hydro Pocket?

Yes, the signal detail page includes automatic signal statistics and a trend chart of the signal combined with event information. For deeper correlation analysis and comparison of signals the Voith Analyzer, which is included in the package, can be used.

Can users have different roles and view rights?

Yes, users can have different roles. We have 3 roles with different view rights. Roles can be combined if a user wants to see all features.
Our roles:
  • Director: Performance & production status. Doesn’t see events or signal details.
  • Manager: Health & event overview. Doesn’t see performance and financial information or details of signals and events.
  • Analyst: Event & signal detail analysis. Doesn’t see performance and financial information.

Is there a limit of devices or users?

No, the number of devices and users is not limited. This might change in the future.

How is the revenue calculated?

The formula is energy price * energy production. Currently, a fixed energy price can be entered by Voith service engineers via the configurator. Soon customers will have the option to enter different energy prices for different times.

Can signals be send from the application to the plant e.g. for remote shutdown?

No, currently the application does not provide remote control functions due to the high security demands for such features.

How long can the data be stored if the internet connect is lost at the plant?

It depends on the the amount of data that must be stored. The edge device stores data during internet outages, but its storage capacity is limited and the maximum storage time is a few hours.

How long is the historical data stored?

Data is received and saved beginning with the date of Hydro Pocket installation. The standard package includes 24 months of data storage. On-demand extended data storage periods are available.

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